ACH Direct Proccessing Services Customized for Your Unique Needs
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ACH Direct Payment Processing
Optimized to meet Your Needs

Our ACH Gateway is completely flexible, scalable, and customized to meet your specific business requirements. Our consultants work with you to develop a custom solution designed to optimize cash flow while dramatically reducing labor costs. Custom reporting and reconciliation structures provide complete control.

Serving a Diverse Array of Modern Business Needs


Enjoy the convenience and cost savings of Electronic Paper Check Conversion enabled through ACH Direct Processing. Easy implementation via state of the art Point of Sale terminals.


Our custom ACH Direct Payment Processing solutions provide the most efficient tools available to manage payroll, corporate cash disbursement, direct deposits and etc.


ACH Direct Payment Processing dramatically simplifies collection of one-time service fees, fixed recurring payment arrangements, and even variable amount recurring payments.


Maximize cash flow planning efficiency through scheduled donations enabled through ACH Direct Payment Processing. Its easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can chedule payments of the same amount to occur on a regular basis. Transactions will process automatically on scheduled date.
No, a PC with internet access is all that is needed. Multiple Virtual Terminals/Gateways are supported. Supports multiple users.
Merchant is funded in 5-7 business days on cleared transactions.

Supported Submission Methods

  • Single Item Entry Console (Single Items or Recurring Debits)
  • Batch Uploads
  • Consumer Webcheck Interface for Online Purchasing or Direct Pay after Statement Review, recurring billing and more
  • Server to Server via XML integration and Web Services
  • x.25 ASYNC
  • Mid-Range LU 62
  • Host - x.25 ASYNC 3270/BSC
  • (ECC) terminals
  • TCP/IP

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