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We offer configurable, scalable, turn-key credit card processiong solutions. Our long term relationship with leading processing affiliates allow us to craft flexible credit card acceptance options, enabling thousands of merchants in a variety of industries. Enjoy easy billing options, a full-service help desk and outstanding customer service support.

Simple Credit Card Processing Machine Implementation with saviCARDS™

The Challenge

Although checks are less expensive to merchants, credit card acceptance provides limitless and convenient payment options for your customers. If you don’t accept credit cards, you fail to provide the convenience that your customers have come to expect.

The Solution

For retail customers, credit, signature debit and PIN debit acceptance services are as simple as implementing Point of Sale equipment. Web customers can easily accept credit card payments directly from an order form. And mobile customers can accept payments from any device with a web browser.

No Hidden Fees

Our processing affiliates do not charge any PCI compliance fees, account setup fees, statement fees, IRS reporting fees, AVS fees, recurring billing fees or termination fees There is no mandatory contract length or monthly minimum.

Endless Options

Our comprehensive affiliate relationships allow you to accept credit cards directly from a website, via phone/mail order, through an online virtual terminal, or from any computer or mobile device using an Internet browser. You can also set up recurring billing, automatic emailed receipts and use an online order form at no extra charge.

Simple & Predictable Cost Structure

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