Reduce Returned Check Merchant Fees! Utilize Centralized Returns!
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Rising Returned Check Merchant Fees

49.1 billion checks are written each year, valued at $197 billion.
30 million of those checks are returned due to non-sufficient funds, closed accounts, fraud, and etc. Banks are capitalizing on these trends by increasing merchant returned check fees by 4.5% annually.

The Solution - Centralized Bad Check Returns through Returned Check Consolidation (RCC)

Up to 80% Reduction in Returned Check Fees -
And Its Easy!

Returned Check Consolidation requires a stamp on the back of each check, prior to deposit.This simple step enables routing to to our central bank account. In the case of a dishonored check, the item is debited electronically from your merchant bank account at our reduced rates.

Easy Online Management of Returned Checks

Returned checks are posted on a secure website within 24 hours, enabling much quicker collection proceedings, and simple cloud based management of the process.

Ready to recover your money?

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