Cash Checks with Confidence - 100% Check Guarantee

100% Check Guarantee Services

Our check conversion & guarantee services prvovide the flexibility and immediacy of electronic payments, while your customers enjoy the comfort and familiarity of paying by check. We completely eliminate the risk!

We Offer Two Forms of Check Guarantee Services

100% Check Guarantee With Point of Sale Verification

This program was created for our clients with high average transaction value and/or high volume. We provide real-time, cloud based, point of sale verification backed by 32 years of experience and collaborative partnerships with major banking institutions.
We are so confident in the accuracy of our check verifiication systems that we provide a 100% guarantee on all approved checks!

100% Check Guarantee Without Point of Sale Verification

This program was created for businesses that cannot operationally pre-verify a check at the point of sale. Should you experience loss from returned checks as our client, we provide 100% full face value reimbursement regardless of whether or not the checks are actually collected!

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