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saviCASH™ Check Cashing Software Systems -
Hardware, Professional Installation, and Consultation Included

Connect to more real-time bank account data including bank direct account activity, retail, and check cashing data sources. We see problems other systems cannot see and stop more bad checks. Cash checks with confidence and grow your business.

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The difference is in the data. Hundreds of checks are accepted every day from known bad or fraudulent accounts. We share warning data with thousands of banks and business partners to protect you from these accounts.

saviCASH Lite™

Ideal for single lane check cashing operations and businesses looking to add ancillary services to their storefronts, saviCASH Lite™ provides basic transaction management capabilities, allowing you to track history for all customers and check makers.

saviCASH Business™

The saviCASH Business™ is an all-in one solution offering check cashing, bill payment, money orders, money transfer, pre-paid debit cards, phone cards, phone PINs, Top Ups, Visa gift cards, Cashing Plastic, and more!

saviCASH Enterprise™

Offering check cashing, bill payment, and a full point-of-sale and transaction management system, the saviCASH Enterprise™ System is a fully upgradeable solution for professional check cashing operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our system delivers a recommendation to accept or decline in about 11 seconds. And we are ready to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Our long standing collaborative relationship with major financial institutions and other agencies allows us to identify stop pay, fraud, account closed and returned items notices in real time.
We have created the most user friendly check verification interface available today. There is virtually no learning curve.... just a short data entry from to fill out and submit.

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