Electronic Check Processing (eCheck) Services

Convert Paper Checks into Electronic Transactions

Electronic check processing is a simple solution to efficiently manage and process paper check payments. Our unique cloud based software system works in conjunction with our image capture device, allowing you to quickly and securely convert paper checks into electronic transactions at the end of the business day.

Reduce Costs While Increasing Efficiencies

Electronic Transactions are Processed First!

Your electronic checks are automatically sent through the Automated Clearing House and are normally processed in the early morning hours. Your funds are committed to electronic transactions before the banks are even open to process manual checks!

Eliminate Expensive Equipment

Retailers are simply required to post a notice at the point-of-sale notifying consumers that their check is subject to electronic conversion. This eliminates the need for costly desktop scanning equipment and signatures for conversion at the point-of-sale.

Comprehensive Real Time Reporting

Cloud based automation enables real time notification of returned items, immeadiate resubmission and/or collections processing, and full audit trails. Electronic check images are stored on our secured servers for easy access from anywhere with an internet connection.

No Need to Leave the Office

Everything is done on location with no bank visits or deposit slips. All you need is Internet access and one of our desktop scanners. Run the checks through a scanner and watch each paper check convert into an electronic image for deposit.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can accpt and electronically process all types of checks drawn on US bank accounts inlcuding personal, business, government, travelers, cashier's, certified, and money orders.
Funds are electronically deposited into your merchant account in 2-3 days (8 business days for payroll checks).
No, you can use your existing account - there is no need for a separate account.

Supported Processes

Image Replacement Document (IRD) technology easily processes any type of paper check received via the U.S. mail or at payment locations. Images are seamlessly deposited as an electronic transaction through a comprehensive single point of entry system.
Offer your customers flexible payment options to pay a debt, using regularly scheduled recurring payments which are debited from their checking or savings accounts. Supports fixed or variable payment amounts.
Electronically re-present any consumer check that is returned to you as Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF). Save time and money in the costly collection process and reduce bank re-deposit charges.

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