About MyCheckCare

We Are Your Payment Processing Partner

Since 1982, we have provided over 60,000 clients with money saving check and credit card payment solutions. We provide fully custom, integrated payment solutions designed to eliminate risk and increase profits.

Core Services

Open new revenue streams for your business and provide your customers with expanded offerings and convenience, a true win-win. If you are looking for a full suite of financial services, our saviCASH system is for you... read more about check cashing and money services
Our Shared data allows you to receive the knowledge of thousands of retailers, check cashers and banks on millions of accounts. Increase your Vision and Profits. We guarantee to save you money with our saviVERIFY system or you pay nothing... read more about check verification
Businesses are in need of a solution to efficiently manage and process paper check payments. Leveraging CheckCare’s electronic check payment & deposit web-based software system, with our image capture devices, allows businesses to convert paper checks into electronic transactions at the end of the day in the back office, better known as Back Office Conversion (BOC)... read more about electronic check processing
By using our check guarantee services you will have the flexibility and immediacy of electronic payments while your customers have the comfort and familiarity of paying by check. This will allow you to accept checks from anywhere in the United States... read more about check guarantee services
Electronic Bad Check Recovery Service provides 100% reimbursement on all collected checks and also the returned item fee. This program is the most cost effective possible. Consider the fact that you could earn extra income off returned items. It is perfect solution for any small businesses... learn more about electronic bad check recovery service
Reduce merchant returned check bank fees as much as 80% with Returned Check Consolidation... read more about returned check consolidation
CheckCare’s credit acceptance solutions are configured, adaptable and ready to process purchases. CheckCare and its processing affiliates offer some of the most flexible credit acceptance options in the industry... read more about credit acceptance solutions