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We have partnered with CDGCommerce™
The industry leader in credit processing solutions!

Our relationship with CDGCommerce™ affords you instant access flexible credit card acceptance options, enabling thousands of merchants in a variety of industries.
Enjoy easy billing options, a full-service help desk and outstanding customer service support.

Simple Credit Card Processing Machine Implementation with CDGCommerce™

The Challenge

Although checks are less expensive to merchants, credit card acceptance provides limitless and convenient payment options for your customers. If you don’t accept credit cards, you severely limit your sales opportunities.

The Solution

For our customers, Credit, Signature Debit and PIN Debit acceptance services are safe, secure and simple. Whether you need credit card processing for your website, retail location or even mobile payments, we have you covered.

Simple Integration & API

Get your website payment-ready with simple plug-and-play and fully customizable integration options.

Easy PCI Compliance

Our 1-Step PCI Compliance(TM) leaves private cardholder data to us so you can avoid security headaches and focus on growing your business.

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