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We want to grow with you. As your business expands, let us help you navigate returned check collection processes with saviCOLLECT™, the latest technology with a proven track record since 1982.
As a business owner, you will quickly see that our check recovery programs eliminate the high cost associated with internal collections.

  • We have saved our clients $3,861,972 in bad check losses so far in 2015!
  • Our average client saved $7,267 in bad check losses in March of 2015!
  • We stop a bad check from being cashed every 2.5 seconds!

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saviCOLLECT™ - Unique Returned Check Collection Strategies

Sufficient Amount Validation Inquiry

If you redeposit a returned check and it bounces your customer owes their bank for the additional returned item fees. Often bank fees become a large portion of what they owe you. Our system ensures that more of your customers' money is paying you, rather than bank fees.

Centralized Returns

Centralized allow you to reduce merchant returned check fees by as much as 80% through central processing at reduced rates.

Professional Agency Check Collection Services

Our consistent results, professional philosophy and state of the art skip-tracing technologies have allowed us to recover millions.

STOP Losing Money on Bad Checks!

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