Reduce Merchant Fees On Outstanding Checks with Centralized Returns

Reduce Merchant Bank Fees As Much As 80%

Each year 49.1 billion checks, valued at $197 billion, are written because consumers continue to prefer using their checkbook to budget their finances. Each year 30 million checks are returned NSF, account closed, etc.
Banks are capitalizing on this by annually increasing the return check fee they charge depositing accounts by 4.5%.

The Solution for High Bank Fees

Special Endorsement

The merchant stamps the back of the checks before depositing items with a special endorsement stamp instructing the consumer’s bank to route any returned check to our central bank account.

Reduced Returned Check Fees

This stamp will include the merchants name, depositing account, and store number, if applicable. If dishonored, the item is debited electronically from the merchant’s bank account at a reduced rate. No special employee training is required.

Immeadiate Collection of Returned Checks

Returned checks are imaged and posted on a secure website within 24 hours of return. The returned checks are forwarded to CheckCare for collections, and the checks are posted to the negative databases sooner

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